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Mapei Mapegum WPS (Waterproofing) membrane - 20kg

Mapei Mapegum WPS (Waterproofing) membrane - 20kg

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Mapei Mapegum WPS (Waterproofing) membrane - 20kg


Fast-drying flexible liquid membrane for interior waterproofing.


Liquid waterproofing membrane for interior surfaces provided they are not continually immersed in water or subject to rising damp. Mapegum WPS can be used on all types of substrates such as gypsum board walls, gypsum, and cementitious renders, light-weight concrete blocks, wood, existing ceramic tiles, cementitious and anhydrite substrates, wood substrates, magnesite, hot poured asphalt. Waterproofer for bathroom and shower walls and floors before installing ceramic tiles and natural stone; waterproofing kitchen floors and walls and countertops before installing ceramic tiles.

N.B.: Mapegum WPS has been certified by the following institutes as a waterproofing membrane for damp environments, to be applied underneath tiled surfaces. - Säurefliesner (Germany): tested in accordance with current standards. - SP Swedish National Testing & Research Institute (Sweden): tested in accordance with BKR Standards (Building Ceramics Council). - Norwegian Research & Building Institute: tested in accordance with current standards.


  • Formation of surface skin: 1 hour.
  • Complete drying (2 mm of thickness at 23ºC): 5 hours.
  • Waiting time: 1-2 hours between each coat; 12-24 hours before laying ceramic.
  • Colour: light grey.
  • Application: by trowel, with a roller or by spraying.
  • Storage: 24 months. Protect from frost.
  • Consumption: 1.5 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.
  • Packaging 5 and 20 kg drums.