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Browse our commercial Floor Trim, PVC Extrustions and more Floor Prep Supplies available at Kevmor Trade Supplies. We have a wide variety of options to suit your jobs. Featuring floor trim material types: Aluminium, Bronze, Ceramic, Metal, PVC, Flat, Ribbed, Gold, Silver, Pinned, and Pinless. For any inquries or for placing an order, visit us Monday through Friday at our Perth Kevmor location, or give us a phone call and we'll prepare your order for in-store pickup. We're always ready to assist with your floor prep needs! 

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  • PVC Extrusions
    <h2 style="font-size: 18px;"><strong>PVC Plastic Extrusions Range (Flexible & Rigid)</strong></h2> If you're in search of quality flexible extrusions, at Kevmor we have a large range of flexible PVC Extrusions. PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride, is one of the best and most often used materials extrusions are made with. Our rigid and flexible&nbsp;types are made from Premium PVC, and we stock a wide extrusion span ranging from all styles and types. We likely have the exact PVC extrusion you need for your job. For Carpet Edge Cover Strip, <span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/423-carpet-edge-cover-strip"><span style="color: #2445a2;">Click Here</span></a></span>.<br /><br /><span style="font-size: 12pt;"><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/20-trims" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View full range of&nbsp;<strong>floor trim</strong></span></a></span>.</span><hr />
  • Carpet Edge Cover Strip
    <h2 style="font-size: 18px;"><strong>Carpet Edge Cover Strip Range</strong></h2> View our Premium and Standard Carpet Edge Cover Strip ranges available at Kevmor Trade Supplies. All are available for in-store pickup.&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/contact-us"><span style="color: #2445a2;">Give us a call</span></a> <span style="color: #000000;">Monday through Friday for any cover strip questions or to order and we're preare it for an in-store pickup. For Aluminium Cove Trim,</span> <a href="https://kevmor.com.au/412-cove-trim"><span style="color: #2445a2;">Click Here</span></a></span>.<br /><br /><span style="font-size: 12pt;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/20-trims"><span style="color: #2445a2;"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View our&nbsp;all <strong>Flooring Trim</strong></span>&nbsp;supplies</span></a>.</span><hr />
  • Aluminium Cove Trim
    <h2><sup><strong>Aluminium Cove Trim Range</strong></sup></h2> Browse our current stock of aluminium wall cove trims below. These are available for in-store pickup only. Give us a call to place an order by phone, or visit the shop in Belmont Monday through Friday. Thanks for shopping cove trim at Kevmor Trade Supplies. For multi-purpose bars&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/409-multipurpose-bar" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">click here</span></a></span>.<hr /><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/20-trims"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View all <strong>flooring trim</strong> supplies</span></a></span>.
  • Brass Trim
    <h2><sup><strong>Brass Trim Range</strong></sup></h2> <span style="font-size: 14pt;">Our <strong>Brass Trim</strong> range features cover joints, 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm carpet reducer and 20mm NBA ceramic fixed angle trim brass, expansion joint and 2-part slip joint brass, and more. Available for phone orders and in-store pickup.&nbsp;Give us a call anytime&nbsp;Monday through Friday&nbsp;for any brass floor trim questions or for placing an order.&nbsp;For carpet and vinyl trim,&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/414-carpet-and-vinyl-trims" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">click here</span></a><span style="color: #2445a2;">.</span></span></span><br /><hr /><span style="font-size: 14pt; color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/20-trims"><span style="color: #2445a2;">Browse full <strong>floor trims</strong> range</span></a></span>
  • Carpet Trim
    <h2><sup><strong>Carpet Trim Range</strong></sup></h2> Browse our carpet trim range below which includes various reversible finishing trims, hammered cover strips, pinless and pinned naplocks in brass, bronze and silver, ripple bars coverstrips, among others. For any questions you can contact our flooring tool experts anytime during the week.&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/contact-us"><span style="color: #2445a2;">Give us a call</span></a></span> to place your order for in-store pickup or come visit our Kevmor Perth location to buy in person. <br /><br /><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/417-carpet-to-vinyl-transition-strips" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View our <strong>carpet to vinyl transition strip</strong> range here</span></a></span>.<br /><hr />
  • Carpet Reducer Trim
    <h2><sup><strong>Carpet Reducer Trim Range</strong></sup></h2> Browse carpet reducer trim available at Kevmor in Perth, WA. Place a phone order for in-store pickup, or visit us in Belmont to view in person prior to ordering. Thanks for shopping with Kevmor! Browse&nbsp;<span><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/411-transition-floor-trims" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;"><strong>Transition Floor&nbsp;Trim</strong> supplies here</span></a></span>.</span><br /><br /><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/20-trims"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View our full&nbsp;<strong>floor trim range here</strong></span></a></span>.<br /><hr /> <div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: -35px; top: -6.30966px;"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>
  • Carpet To Vinyl...
    <h2><sup><strong>Carpet To Vinyl Transition Strip Range</strong></sup></h2> Our Carpet To Vinyl Floor Transition Strip&nbsp;Range features trims and strips specifically <strong>for transitioning carpet flooring to vinyl</strong>. Also,&nbsp;carpet tile ramp to vinyl edges, heavy duty carpet tile ramps in aluminium and bronze with varying sizes, and gold and silver domestic pinned naplocks are available in this product category. To place an order, visit us in Perth or order by phone and we'll prepare it for instore pickup. Give us a call Monday through Friday to&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/contact-us" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">speak with our flooring tool experts</span></a></span>&nbsp;for any questions related to carpet to vinyl transition strips and the materials you may need for your job at hand.<br /><br /><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/418-ceramic-tile-edging-trim" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View our <strong>ceramic tile edging trim</strong> here</span></a></span>.<br /><br /><hr />
  • Ceramic Tile Edging Trim
    <h2><sup><strong>Ceramic Tile&nbsp;Edging Trim Range&nbsp;</strong></sup></h2> Browse our <strong>Ceramic Tile Edging Trim</strong>&nbsp;in stock below.&nbsp;For placing orders or for any related inquiries, visit us at our Belmont location Monday through Friday to purchase in-store, or give us a call and we'll prepare your order for in-store pickup. Thanks for shopping&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/415-floating-floor-trims" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">flooring trims</span></a></span>&nbsp;at Kevmor Trade Supplies.<br /><hr /><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/422-slip-joints"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View Our <strong>Slip Joint</strong> Range</span></a></span>.
  • Floating Floor Trims
    <h2><sup><strong>Floating Floor Trims Range</strong></sup></h2> Browse our collection of floating floor trims in stock at Kevmor Trade Supplies. For questions about these or&nbsp;our other&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/20-trims" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">floor trims available at Kevmor</span></a></span>,&nbsp;give us&nbsp;a phone call Monday through Friday. Our floating floor trim supplies are in-store pickup items. Purchase at the shop, or phone in your order and we'll prepare it for pickup. <br /><hr /><span style="font-size: 12pt;">For Carpet Reducer Trims,&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/416-reducer-trim"><span style="color: #2445a2;">Click Here</span></a></span>.</span>
  • Transition Floor Trim
    <h2><sup><strong>Transition Floor Trim Range</strong></sup></h2> Browse our transition floor trim supplies at Kevmor. These are available for in-store pickup if you call us and place your order. Or come visit us in Belmont Monday through Friday. Thanks for shopping&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/20-trims" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">floor trims</span></a></span>&nbsp;at Kevmor!<br /><hr /><span style="color: #2445a2; font-size: 12pt;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/412-cove-trim"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View <strong>Aluminium Cove Trim</strong> here</span></a></span>.
  • Multipurpose Bar
    <h2><strong>Multipurpose Bar Range</strong></h2> Browse our current stock of multipurpose bars at Kevmor. These are all currently available for in-store pickup. Give us a call to have us prepare your order, or to ask our<span style="color: #2445a2;">&nbsp;<a href="https://kevmor.com.au/" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">f<span style="color: #2445a2;">looring tool experts</span></span></a></span> any questions. Or come to the Perth retail location Monday through Friday. Thanks for shopping with Kevmor. <br /><br /><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/260-ramping" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View our MDF threshold ramp range</span></a></span>.<hr />
  • Slip Joints
    <h2><sup><strong>Slip Joint Range</strong></sup></h2> <p>Our <span>Metal Slip Joints</span> include 2-part & 3-part slip joint kits. Available for in-store pickup Monday through Friday in Perth. Please contact our Kevmor Flooring Tool Experts for ordering and slip joint inquiries.<span style="font-size: 14pt;"></span></p>
  • Threshold Ramp
    <h2 style="font-size: 18px;"><strong>MDF Threshold Ramp</strong></h2> We have carpet ramping to suit mostly all situations. Our current selection of <strong>MDF Threshold Ramp</strong> features&nbsp;Spartan Floor Supply's diminishing and aluminium, 5mm to 12mm. All available for in-store pickup, Monday - Friday at our Perth WA Kevmor retail location. We have the ramping you need. Give our flooring tool experts a&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/contact-us" class="js-qwynlraxz"><span style="color: #2445a2;">call or email for questions</span></a></span> or order preparations.<br /><hr /><span style="font-size: 12pt;"><span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href="https://kevmor.com.au/422-slip-joints"><span style="color: #2445a2;">View our <strong>Slip Joints</strong>&nbsp;range</span></a></span>.</span>