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Browse our large selection of safety equipment supplies below. We are an exclusive Australian dealer of the Air+ Smart Mask, and we also have various safety gear products for your flooring and related projects, for both you and the materials you're working with. From straight edges, EZ moves and floor protection devices, to knee protection, back support, eye and ear protection options.

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  • Air Purifiers
    <h2>Shop Commercial Air Purifiers in Australia: Ionizers & Scrubbers</h2> <p>Shop commercial air purifiers at Kevmor Trade Supplies. Currently featuring the latest advancements from <a href="">Janser Germany</a> and <a href="">Husqvarna Australia</a>. Made in Sweden, the Janser IonBoxes below utilise an exciting new technology for the flooring industry. Reduce dust particle levels by up to 95% through ionization, which makes the dust contaminants fall to the ground. </p> <p>The Husqvarna Air Scrubber is an advanced portable commercial air purifier that offers superior quality air cleaning. Tested and certified for use as both an air cleaner and a negative air machine and tested and certified at an efficiency rate of 99.99% at 0.3 microns, these air scrubbers offer a reliable filter system and HEPA class H13 filter design. </p>
  • Back Support
    <p>Back Support</p>
  • Dust Masks & Respirators
    <h2><strong>Stay Safe with Kevmor's Dust Masks and Respirators</strong></h2> <p><a href="">Kevmor Trade Supplies</a> are distributor of the CleanSpace PAPR Respirators and Air+ Smart Mask.</p> <p><strong>CleanSpace</strong> offer the highest level of protection up to 99.97%, are lightweight, have no hoses, belts or waist mounted battery packs, can be operated using the easy one button system, have up to 14 hours run time, offers air-on-demand using our – AirSensit Technology and has a soft silicon mask for comfort and ease of communication</p> <p>Normal face masks work well when they're certified P2 and N95 masks, however they have a few major downsides... moisture buildup, carbon dioxide that doesn't expel, comfort that gets worse when dealing with these two downsides, and more...<br /><br />Along with the CO2 and moisture buildup, a normal disposable mask that is considered high quality otherwise, also gets hot inside the mask. All these downsides are completely solved now with the <strong>AIR+ Smart Masks</strong>. They are truly a one-of-a-kind solution and the world's first of their kind.</p> <p>We ship Australia-wide for free.</p>
  • Ear Protection
    <p>Ear Protection</p>
  • Eye Protection
    <p>Eye Protection</p>
    <p>EZ Moves</p>
  • Gloves
  • Knee Protection
    <p>Browse our Knee Protection equipment.</p> <div id="gtx-trans" style="position: absolute; left: 212px; top: 33.1733px;"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>