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Shop Wagner Moisture Meters at Australia's #1 supplier of professional flooring moisture meters. At Kevmor, pour concrete and timber moisture meters are designed specifically for Australia. Visit our Kevmor location in Belmont, Perth WA to view them and ask our experts any questions in person before buying. Or shop online for FREE shipping Australia-wide! 

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  • Concrete Moisture Meters
    <h2>High-Quality Concrete Moisture Meters - Made For Australia</h2> <p>Concrete moisture meters play a crucial role in ensuring the quality, safety, and longevity of flooring projects by helping prevent damage, ensure compliance with regulations, and save time and money for builders, contractors, and building owners. At Kevmor Trade Supplies, we offer an extensive selection of <a href="">Australian Moisture Meters</a> to meet the needs of any potential Australian project you have.</p>
  • Timber Moisture Meters
    <p>Using a timber moisture meter before installing wood flooring is vital to prevent moisture-related problems like warping, ensure durability, adhere to warranties, and maintain indoor air quality. It saves costs, supports sustainability, and promotes safety during installation.  Kevmor offers the Orion Timber Moisture Meters by Wagner Moisture Meters, which are non-destructive devices specifically designed for conducting moisture testing on timber. These meters allow you to assess moisture levels in wood without causing any damage.</p>
  • Concrete pH Test Kits
    <p>Using a pH test kit on concrete flooring before installation is crucial to ensure the compatibility of adhesives, prevent moisture-related problems, meet warranty requirements, and promote the long-term durability and safety of the flooring installation. It's an important step in the flooring installation process that can help avoid costly and time-consuming issues down the road.</p>
  • Calcium Chloride Test
    <p>A calcium chloride test, also known as a concrete moisture test or a moisture vapor emission rate (MVER) test, is an important procedure in the construction and flooring industries. It is used to measure the moisture vapor emissions from concrete slabs</p>
  • Wagner Moisture Meters
    <p>Wagner Moisture Meters stand as the foremost industry-endorsed devices for assessing moisture levels in concrete substrates and timber. They represent the most cutting-edge and efficient means of evaluating moisture content in concrete and timber while providing certification. When it comes to moisture detection for building inspections, Wagner is unparalleled. These devices are designed with Australians in consideration. Our concrete, wood, and timber moisture meters, as well as Relative Humidity meters, are configured to measure in Celsius.</p>
  • Moisture Meter...
    <p>Find the <strong>moisture meter accessories</strong> you need at Kevmor. Our selection includes everything needed to complement and extend the capabilities of your moisture meters, ensuring precise and reliable readings every time. From essential add-ons to advanced enhancements, find everything you need to complement your moisture testing toolkit at Kevmor Trade Supplies in Perth, WA. </p>

Moisture Meter FAQ

1. What types of moisture meters does Kevmor Trade Supplies offer?

We offer a hand-picked selection of the best Moisture Meters available in Australia, suitable for various applications. This includes concrete moisture meters for builders and contractors, timber moisture meters for carpenters and woodworkers, and Rapid RH meters for the quickest moisture readings.

2. Why choose Kevmor's moisture meters?

Our moisture meters are made for Australia, designed to provide accurate and reliable readings. With over 42 years of trusted trade supplies offerings, we're dedicated to giving you only the best moisture meters for Australia.

3. Are cheap moisture meters reliable?

While more affordable moisture meters can provide a good indication of moisture levels, Wagner moisture meters are known for their accuracy and reliability. This alone justifies the investment for tradesmen requiring precise or consistent measurements.

4. How does a Wagner pinless moisture meter work?

Wagner pinless moisture meters use an electromagnetic sensor to detect moisture without damaging the surface. They provide quick readings and are highly effective for scanning large areas.

5. What is the difference between a pin and a pinless moisture meter?

Pin moisture meters measure moisture content at the point of contact by penetrating the material, which can be more precise but also invasive. Pinless meters, however, use electromagnetic waves to read moisture levels below the surface without causing damage.

6. What is the ideal moisture content level for drywall?

The ideal moisture content for drywall is typically around 10-12%. However, Wagner moisture meters can help you determine the specific moisture level in your drywall, ensuring that it's within a safe range for your particular climate and building requirements.

7. How do you use a Wagner moisture meter to detect mold risk in walls?

To use a Wagner moisture meter for mold risk detection, scan the wall's surface with the device. Consistently high moisture readings can indicate a higher risk of mold, as mold tends to grow in moist environments. Monitoring these levels can help prevent mold before it starts.

8. Can Wagner moisture meters read through different wall materials?

Yes, Wagner moisture meters are designed to effectively read moisture levels through various materials, including drywall, timber, and concrete. Their advanced technology allows for non-invasive readings with a high degree of accuracy.

9. What factors should I consider when choosing a moisture meter?

When selecting a moisture meter, consider the material types you'll be measuring, the depth of measurement required, whether non-invasive readings are preferred, and the accuracy needed for your projects. Wagner's range of moisture meters gives precise readings for both concrete and timber materials.

10. Does Kevmor offer shipping for moisture meters?

Yes, we offer FREE shipping Australia-wide on our moisture meters, ensuring you get the tools you need, wherever you are in the country.

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  • Timber Moisture Meters: Ideal for carpenters and woodworkers, get precise moisture readings to ensure the best woodwork results.
  • Rapid RH Meters: Quick and efficient, these meters are perfect for those on the go, giving instant readings when you need them.

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