Wagner RapidRH L6 Complete starter kit
  • Wagner RapidRH L6 Complete starter kit

Wagner Rapid RH L6 Concrete Relative Humidity Starter Kit

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Wagner Rapid RH L6 Concrete Relative Humidity Starter Kit

*Celsius Version Made For Australia

Superior Moisture Test Kit
No other test on the market is faster than the Rapid RH L6

The NEW Wagner Rapid RH L6 Kit Includes:

  • Celsius version for Australia.
  • Comes with everything you need to conduct a Relative Humidity test.
  • Simplest F2170 test on the market.
  • Complete Moisture Test Starter Kit
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Wagner Rapid RH L6 Concrete Relative Humidity Starter Kit

Complete Concrete Moisture Test Starter Kit includes:

  • 5 ea. L6 Smart Sensors Celsius version for Australia.
  • 1 ea. Total Reader® with Touch-n-Sense™ Technology Celsius Version for Australia
  • 2 ea. Smart Logger™ ambient temp. & humidity recorders
  • 1 ea. Insertion Tool
  • 10 ea. Extensions
  • 5 ea. Protective Caps with Rubber Plugs and Butyl Gasket
  • 5 ea. Stainless Steel Covers
  • 1 ea. ¾” SDS Masonry Drill Bit
  • 1 ea. Wire Cleaning Brush
  • 1 ea. Vacuum Attachment
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Floor Map
  • Carrying Case & Instruction Manual

Rapid RH® L6 sensors feature a customized version of the SHT35 humidity sensor from Sensirion that has a +/-2% accuracy tolerance at 50% and 90% relative humidity (RH). This important aspect of the L6 concrete RH testing system puts it in direct compliance with ASTM F2170. Standard SHT35 humidity sensors, found in other concrete RH test systems, start to deviate from the +/-2% tolerance at RH levels as low as 50%.

All parts can be ordered individually.

Part Number: 880-R0002-013

Total Reader® Bluetooth enabled

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