Timber Moisture Meters

Using a timber moisture meter before installing wood flooring is vital to prevent moisture-related problems like warping, ensure durability, adhere to warranties, and maintain indoor air quality. It saves costs, supports sustainability, and promotes safety during installation.  Kevmor offers the Orion Timber Moisture Meters by Wagner Moisture Meters, which are non-destructive devices specifically designed for conducting moisture testing on timber. These meters allow you to assess moisture levels in wood without causing any damage.

Accurate moisture measurement in timber is always going to be #1. At Kevmor, our Timber Moisture Meters ensure your wood flooring installations are durable, safe, and meet Australian Standards.

Why Choose Kevmor's Timber Moisture Meters?

🛠️ Precision and Reliability: Our meters, including the Orion Timber Moisture Meters by Wagner, provide non-destructive and accurate moisture testing, crucial for preventing warping and other moisture-related issues in wood.

🌐 Top-Notch Selection: We offer a range of Wagner Moisture Meters, renowned for their precision and ease of use.

💪 Suitable for Every Woodworking Project: Whether you're a carpenter, woodworker, or DIY enthusiast, our meters cater to all your timber moisture measuring needs.

For the best results in your timber flooring projects, choose Kevmor's Timber Moisture Meters. We're here to support you with expert advice and top-quality tools. Visit our store in Belmont, WA, or shop our timber moisture meters online today!