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Browse our large selection of flooring adhesives for your residential and commercial applications. Find any adhesives you need, from carpet adhesives and seam sealer to timber wood adhesive, gripper adhesive, latex adhesive, tactile, ceramic, construction and contact adhesives, among others. We are proud of our wide selection of top-of-the-line-floor adhesive products. Additionally, you'll find primers, silicones, thinners, skirting tapes, crack repair products, glue guns, skirting tapes and more! For commercial cleaning supplies, click here.

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  • Carpet Adhesive
    <h2>Low VOC Carpet Adhesive Products</h2> <span style="font-size: 10pt;">Carpet Adhesive for direct stick and dual bond installations. At Kevmor we stock a large range of carpet adhesives from Intafloors and Mapei. We have what you need for residential and commercial installation. Made in the USA, Low VOC, CRI Green Label Plus. Our products also contain&nbsp;<strong>antimicrobial</strong>&nbsp;agents which kill microorganisms and inhibits their growth.<br /><br /><em>*Free shipping on all online orders, Australia-wide!<br /><br /><!-- pagebreak --></em></span>
  • Carpet Seam Sealer
    <h2>Carpet Seam Sealers At Kevmor</h2> <span style="font-size: 10pt;">Browse our selection of carpet seam sealers below. These adhesive carpet sealers are used to seal carpet edges which helps stop it the pre-installation unraveling. However, if you are looking to connect different carpets together, then what you're looking for is seam tape. We also have the tape, but below you will find carpet seam sealers specifically. The two go hand in hand. So browse our carpet seam sealer options below then find the seam tape that is often used after the seaming.<br /><br /><em>*Carpet sealers come with FREE shipping Australia-wide on all online orders!</em><strong><br /><!-- pagebreak --><br /></strong></span>
  • Vinyl Seam Sealer
    <p>Vinyl Seam Sealer</p>
  • Construction Adhesive
    <p>Construction Adhesive</p>
  • Crack Repair
    <p>Crack Repair</p>
  • Gripper Adhesive
    <p>Gripper Adhesive</p>
  • Adhesive Cleaner
    <p>Adhesive Cleaner</p>
  • Thinner
  • Skirting Tape
    <p>Skirting Tape</p>
  • Ceramic Adhesive
    <p>Ceramic Adhesive</p>
  • Contact Adhesive
    <p>Contact Adhesive</p>
  • Glue Guns
    <h2>Glue Guns</h2>
  • Latex Adhesive
    <p>Latex Adhesive</p>
  • Silicones
    Bostik & Mapei, various colours.
  • Timber Wood Adhesive
    <p>Timber Wood Adhesive</p>
  • Resilient / Vinyl...
    <p>Resiliant /&nbsp;Vinyl Adhesive</p>
  • PSA / Carpet & Vinyl Tile
    <p>PSA / Carpet & Vinyl Tile</p>
  • Primers
  • Tactile Adhesive
    <p>Epoxy adhesives for spot sticking tactile indicators.</p>