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Air+ Active Ventilator APV

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Air+ Active Ventilator rapidly extracts Co2, Heat and Moisture for advanced comfort.

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APV Air+ Active Ventilator 

Worlds First attachable smart fan for rapid extraction and active cooling, comfort and reduction of Co2.


AIR+ is the world's first disposable mask (sold seperately) with the ability to attach a rechargeable ventilator, which is easily attached and extracts moisture, heat and CO2 from the mask. Suitable for Heavy Duty Industrial, Workshop, Mining, Construction, Tiling, Timber Work, Cement Chasing & Grinding and many more industries.

The AIR+ dust mask fits tightly and securely on all facial shapes, ensuring that you avoid steamed up glasses or safety goggles. The mask is comfortable to use due to the soft materials and padded alu-nose clip.

Conventional filtering face pieces offer sufficient safety at work but poor comfort during extended use. With prolonged use, often users will endure stuffiness and discomfort due to the accumulated heat, humidity and carbon dioxide within the mask. Traditional masks become wet very soon offering a very poor comfort but also induce continuously fogging glasses which is quite dangerous. As users re-breathe accumulated carbon dioxide trapped within the mask, they may experience symptoms of dizziness, reduced alertness and headaches. Introducing AIR+ Smart Mask – a revolutionary innovation in protective mask technology. With an ergonomically-engineered mask and the world’s first attachable new active ventilator for active cooling, the AIR+ Smart Mask is designed to help users breathe better as they work. The Air+ concept is inspired by Bionics the science of mimicking the nature. The Air+ Smart Mask is engineered to mimic the way you breathe as the function of our nose. The revolutionary Air+ active ventilator expels the hot, humid and CO2 enriched exhaust air far away and enables you to breath cool fresh air. Airflow is key to providing circulation assistance within the mask. The powered active ventilator reduces relative humidity by up to 40% and achieves temperature reduction by up to 4oC. Internal CO2 levels are rapidly reduced to minimize dizziness and headaches.

Removes Moisture
Reduces the relative humidity within the mask by up to 40%

Rapid Ventilation

Prevents CO2 Build-up!

Extracts carbon dioxide from the mask, so you keep a clear head and avoid discomfort and headaches.

Keeps you cool and fresh
Reduces the temperature in the mask by up to 4°C..

Increases Efficiency and Delivers Savings
With an active ventilator you increase work efficiency and use fewer masks on a daily basis.

Secure Grip for Occupational Use

Long Lasting Freshness

Rechargable and Reuseable APV
The ventilator keeps the disposable mask dry and CO2 free for 4- 6 hrs per charge.
Charging time is 1.5 hours.
The ventilator can be partially charged during breaks.

Included in box
1 x APV Air + Active ventilator
1 x Micro USB Cable

Fitting Instructions:-

1) Open & Fit Air+ PP2 Disposable Particulate Mask with valve (sold seperately)
2) Check Mask Fit
3) To attach AIR+ Active Ventilator twist valve cap anti clockwise to remove
4) Align the AIR+ opening with mask valve catch, twist clockwise to fasten securely
5) Push and hold button to switch on the AIR+ Active Ventilator

Model APV
CE approved
FCC approved
IP53 certified
Patent 2013097191

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