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Stubbi Mini 28mm Brass Cove Roller
  • Stubbi Mini 28mm Brass Cove Roller
  • Stubbi Mini 28mm Brass Cove Roller

Stubbi Mini 28mm Brass Cove Roller

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Stubbi Mini Brass 28mm Cove Roller.  Pressure roller to make your next cove installation easier.

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Stubbi Mini 28mm Brass Cove Roller

Patented pressure roller, The Stubbi floor roller is used for rolling in your cove former/cove fillet 20mm edging.
This allows the perfect angle and adequate pressure to avoid any slippage or releasing of the cove from the wall.

Also avoids having to handle a wet cloth with heated vinyl as you can roll this onto the cove for the perfect clean finish of vinyl up the wall.
This will ensure:-

  • The vinyl floor covering is supported at its weakest point
  • It leaves no air space for bacteria to breed
  • It improves weldability in vertical heat sealed seams
  • Water-based contact adhesives are firmly pressurized and correctly crystallised for curing
  • The liability of movement is completely removed.


  • Time saving and Ease of use
  • Eliminates common install issues
  • Reduces the need for applied heat during installation
  • Preparation of cove fillet – pre-rolling of the cove fillet before floor coverings are installed
  • Installation – Lateral pressure rolling of the vinyl product onto cove fillet
  • Vertical rounded pressure point for wall seams and butterfly corners improving weldability
  • Continuous Lateral pressure rolling of vinyl skirting and wall vinyl seams 
  • Double rounded edge eliminates pressure markings of traditional rollers
  • Shockproof Solid Beech Timber handle 
  • Chrome-plated double steel fork improves accuracy and stability 
  • Heavy 28 x 40mm Durable Deep Brass Orb ensures no contact of fork elements during rolling
  • High-quality smooth carrier bearings
  • Stylish and modern premium design made for the high quality and proud tradesman
  • Designed tough by long-serving installers in Australia’s Northern Territory

Australian Designed


Follow the three easy steps today

1) Pre Roll - Rolling of coving strip into the adhesive at wall/floor juncture
2) Installation - Rolling of vinyl sheet product firmly onto cove former strip at the base level
3) Post Roll - Finishing rolling of installed vinyl product neatly into curvature and wall risers