SFS101S - Reducer/Diminishing Strip 3mm Aluminium
  • SFS101S - Reducer/Diminishing Strip 3mm Aluminium

SFS101S - Reducer/Diminishing Strip 3mm Aluminium

SFS101S -  Reducer/Diminishing Strip 3mm Aluminium

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SFS101S -  Reducer/Diminishing Strip 3mm Aluminium


SFS101 Diminishing Strip has been designed for use where 3mm commercial vinyl tiles or sheetgoods meet concrete slab floors.

The profile has been specified to withstand heavy traffic situation that may be encountered, for example - heavy hard wheeled stock carts or trolleys, as well as shopping trolleys.

Product Specifications:
Product Code - SFS101
Overall Length - 3.66 metres
Horizontal Width - 30.00mm
Vertical Height - 3.00mm
Finish - Mill Finish

Installation Instructions:
The 3mm Diminishing Strip is designed to be used in conjunction with 3mm vinyl composite tiles, reducing down to 0.5mm. It is assumed that sub-floors have been prepared according to the relevant Australia/New Zealand Standards (ie AS/NZ 1884).

1. Recommended fastening methods are bonded, (using product such as Mapei P990 Adhesive) or Drill & Plus using 9g x 32mm philips head brass screw.

2. Firmly retain the diminishing strip against the installed tiles to ensure no gapping. Mark out in a straight line, and drill a 6mm hole through the trim, into the slab to a depth of not greater than 35mm, and secure using a plug and countersunk screw. Repeat this process down the length of the finish.

3. A bead of mastic adhesive, such as 1018 PU Construction Adhesive or 6135 Construction Adhesive can be applied beneath the expansion joint to ensure that sub-floor irregularities are islolated.