Tradegear Safety kneepad with Hinge 2620
  • Tradegear Safety kneepad with Hinge 2620

Tradegear Safety kneepad with Hinge 2620

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Tradegear Safety kneepad with Hinge 2620

Crafted with ergonomic design and patented technology, these knee pads are engineered for all-day wear, allowing you to forget you have them on. The use of lightweight materials and padding ensures a comfortable experience, providing firm and consistent support that never falters or slips.

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Tradegear Safety kneepad with Hinge 2620

Tradegear True Flex Knee Pads are the ultimate in knee protection, allowing you to work hard without being weighed down.  

These ergonomically designed, patented knee pads are engineered so that you can wear them all day and forget that you have them on.  

The lightweight materials and padding make for a  comfortable wear and firm consistent support that never slips.

Super Tough Polymer Shell

Provides protection well above and below the knee with incredible durability.

Protects against chemicals, cuts, burns and puncture wounds.

Full Natural Rotation

Uniquely jointed to allow full rotation of the knee.

Allows the user complete freedom of movement without the inconvenience of slippage.

Dual Density foam                                                                                       

Provides soft cushioning foam against the user’s knee for great comfort, while firmer foam against the outer shell has excellent memory and does not break down.

Air Vent System

Provides a system of channels and ventilation holes which allows air to flow to the knee, keeping the user cooler.

Extra Wide 40mm Nylon Elastic Straps

New feature! Anchor the pads in place creating exact support & comfort without needing to adjust. 

Nylon Speed Clips 

Allow fast and easy adjustment to fit well.

Fits Almost Any Size 

Due to the flexible nature of the knee pad and adjustability of the straps.

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