Fento Knee Pads 200 Pro
  • Fento Knee Pads 200 Pro
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  • Knee Pads Fento 200 Pro breathable kneepads

Fento 200 Pro Knee Pads

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Fento 200 Pro Knee Pads

Best Selling Original Fento Knee Pads.  The Ergonomic Wedge ensures the correct distribution of pressure across the lower leg, which prevents knee and back complaints. 

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FENTO 200 Pro Knee Pads Built By Flooring Installers

Engineered Fento Knee Pads are designed to prevent knee and back issues by evenly distributing pressure across each pad. These Fento Knee Pads are co-designed by medical professionals and installers. They are designed to provide stability and comfort while you work.

  • The FENTO 200 Pro weighs only 250 grams
  • Perfect for sitting and/or walking
  • FENTO is built by installers. For installers. Flooring installers, Tiling professionals, and many more

This is where the new FENTO 200 Pro comes from... pure experience. They are comfortable, durable and breathable too. Something taken into consideration due to their experience of not having breathable options. 

Additionally, the breathable inlay is replaceable.


  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible and 100% water resistant
  • Durable and very hard-wearing
  • The Elastic band does not constrict the back of the knee
  • Prevents knee and back complaints through pressure distribution.
  • Patented design provides superior knee protection
  • Co-designed by flooring installers and medical professionals
  • Wide, Flat Base for maximum stability while you work
  • Durable, Lightweight construction for better comfort
  • Components are washable and replaceable

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