Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher
  • Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher

Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher

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Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher

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Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher

Gives a tighter and more uniform installation - with less effort and without sore knees. Designed by waterfall type installations, stretching  is done from the top of a stairway down. Stairs are easier to install because gravity is working with you - not against you. To use stretch runner use a stair tool to set carpet into crotch of step below. For wide stairs, repostion and repeat prodecure. Powerful 12 to 1 leverage makes stretching easy. Tool is 48cm wide with 14 pins evenly spaced over a 40.5cm pin plate. The maximum stretched dimension from the wood tail to forward-most pin is 22cm or 25cm when the tool is reconfigured for a narrow depth tread. Maximum stretch is 2.25cm.

Working from the top of the stairway down, it stretches the carpet using gravity's force, not yours!

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