Wagner Moisture Meters

Wagner Moisture Meters stand as the foremost industry-endorsed devices for assessing moisture levels in concrete substrates and timber. They represent the most cutting-edge and efficient means of evaluating moisture content in concrete and timber while providing certification. When it comes to moisture detection for building inspections, Wagner is unparalleled. These devices are designed with Australians in consideration. Our concrete, wood, and timber moisture meters, as well as Relative Humidity meters, are configured to measure in Celsius.

Accurate moisture assessment is critical in both concrete and timber. At Kevmor in Perth, WA, our Wagner Moisture Meters are the industry's leading choice for moisture evaluation. These meters are designed with Australian conditions in mind, providing precise and efficient moisture content readings in Celsius for concrete, wood, and timber.

Why Wagner Moisture Meters at Kevmor?

🛠️ Industry-Leading Precision: Wagner Moisture Meters are renowned for their accuracy and reliability in moisture detection, making them indispensable for building inspections and flooring installations.

🌐 Advanced Technology: Our range includes the latest models like the Wagner RapidRH L6 series and Orion Pinless Wood Moisture Meters, offering cutting-edge moisture measurement solutions.

💪 Versatile and User-Friendly: Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our Wagner meters cater to a wide range of moisture testing needs, ensuring you have the right tool for every scenario.

For top-tier moisture measurement tools, choose Moisture Meters from Kevmor. Visit Kevmor Trade Supplies in Belmont, WA, or shop our Wagner moisture meters online today! We ship FREE Australia wide!