Crain 445 Knee Kicker
  • Crain 445 Knee Kicker

Crain 445 Knee Kicker

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Crain 445 Knee Kicker

This renowned kicker tool is equipped with a recessed trigger mechanism, allowing for easy length adjustment across five settings. The adjustable length ranges from 17¾" (45cm) to 21¾" (53cm), providing flexibility for various carpet installations. Additionally, it features a visual pin depth dial, enabling users to choose from nine different depth settings to accommodate different types of carpets.

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Crain 445 Knee Kicker

To ensure optimal performance, the kicker incorporates power rods that extend through the pin plate. These power rods serve two purposes: they provide support for the tool and enhance force transfer, resulting in more efficient carpet stretching.

The gripping head of the kicker is designed with three nap grips and a pin plate containing 16 hardened steel pins. This configuration allows for secure gripping and precise placement, ensuring the carpet remains taut and properly positioned during installation.

For added durability, the kicker comes with a standard thickness bumper made from resilient rubber. This bumper not only withstands frequent use but also provides a firm feel upon impact, which is often preferred by professional installers.

Included with the tool is a gripper cap, further enhancing its functionality and ease of use. Furthermore, the bumper, nap grips, and pin plate are all replaceable, ensuring that the kicker can be easily maintained and its components can be replaced when needed.

Weighs: 1.36kg

Replacement bumper: Part No. 1505-01.

Replacement gripper inserts: Part No. 1505-K.

Replacement pin plate: Part No. 1601-B.

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