Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker
  • Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker
  • Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker
  • Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker

Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker

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Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker

  • Enhanced Crain Knee Kicker: Upgraded version with optimized features for superior carpet installation
  • High Profile Body: Specifically designed to effortlessly span over stretcher tubes.  Provides improved manoeuvrability during the installation process
  • Thicker Natural Rubber Bumper: Ensures exceptional comfort and durability.  Allows for extended and reliable use during carpet installation
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Crain 605 Deluxe Knee Kicker

Experience the enhanced features of this premium knee kicker, designed with your comfort and efficiency in mind. The deluxe knee kicker boasts a high-profile body that effortlessly spans over stretcher tubes, providing a seamless experience during carpet installation.

To ensure optimal comfort and durability, the knee kicker is equipped with a thicker natural rubber bumper, offering a cushioned and reliable support while withstanding the demands of frequent use.

Length adjustment is at your fingertips with the recessed trigger, allowing for easy customization in five settings, ranging from 18 1/2" to 22 1/2".

Accurate and precise pin depth adjustments are made simple with the visual pin depth dial, offering nine different settings to accommodate various carpet types.

For improved support and effective force transfer, power rods extend through the pin plate, enhancing performance during the stretching process.

The gripping head of the knee kicker features three nap grips and a pin plate fitted with 16 hardened steel pins, ensuring a secure and reliable grip during operation.

Included with the knee kicker is a convenient gripper cap, further enhancing usability and functionality.

For your convenience, the bumper, nap grips, and pin plate are replaceable, allowing for easy maintenance and longevity of the knee kicker.

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