Crain 525 Knee Kicker
  • Crain 525 Knee Kicker
  • Crain 525 Knee Kicker
  • Crain 525 Knee Kicker

Crain 525 Wide Knee Kicker

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Crain 525 Wide Knee Kicker

  • Wider Gripping Head (No. 525): Features a wider head with four gripper inserts and 19 hardened steel pins.
  • Efficient Stretching: Moves a broader section of carpet with each kick, enhancing stretching efficiency.
  • Extra-Thick Bumper: Increased impact absorption with an extra-thick bumper.
  • High-Durability Construction: Telescoping steel tube construction ensures durability.
  • Adjustable Length: Double buttons allow for four length adjustments, ranging from 21″ (53cm) to 25″ (63.5).
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Crain 525 Wide Knee Kicker

To ensure durability and absorb maximum impact, the No. 525 is equipped with an extra-thick bumper. This bumper effectively minimizes the force transferred to the tool and provides added protection.

Constructed with telescoping steel tubes, this stretcher guarantees exceptional durability, making it a reliable choice for long-term use. The double buttons enable four length adjustments, ranging from 21" to 25", allowing for precise customization based on specific requirements.

The stretcher also features a visual pin depth dial, offering nine different depth settings to accommodate various carpet types. This feature ensures optimal performance and precise stretching.

For enhanced support and improved force transfer to the carpet, power rods extend through the pin plate, optimizing the stretching process.

Included with the No. 525 is a gripper cap, further enhancing its functionality and ease of use. Moreover, the bumper, nap grips, and pin plate are replaceable, ensuring the stretcher can be easily maintained and its components can be replaced when needed.

The Crain 525 Knee Kicker is a wider kicker with a fifth row of pins (19 total pins) and a fourth nap grip that moves a wider section of carpet on every kick.

It also features the thick bumper found on the Crain 1600C Large Knee Bumper Pads, and internal power rods supporting the pin plate.

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