Soft Flame Burner 50mm - Sievert Promatic

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Soft Flame Burner 50mm - Sievert Promatic

The Sievert Promatic soft flame burner, featuring a 50mm diameter and producing robust, windproof flames in vibrant yellow and blue without any soot, is perfectly suited for tasks like cable work and heat shrinking applications.

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Soft Flame Burner 50mm - Sievert Promatic

Sievert Promatic soft flame burner 50mm diameter with sweeping, powerful yellow and blue soot-free windproof flames, ideal for cable work and other heat shrinking applications. For use with Sievert Promatic handle, sold separately.


  • Fresh air sucks in and keeps the burner head cold to minimize the risk of burning the shrink material
  • Heats the sleeves efficiently but still soft enough not to overheat the shrink material
  • Working pressure 2 bar

Application: For thick-walled sleeves max: 150mm. Also for thin-walled sleeves


  • Burner diameter Ø, 50mm
  • Effect: 26kW
  • Gas Consumption: 2000g/h at 2 bar
  • Application: Shrinking

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