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Carpet Edge Cover Strip Range

View our Premium and Standard Carpet Edge Cover Strip ranges available at Kevmor Trade Supplies. All are available for in-store pickup. Give us a call Monday through Friday for any cover strip questions or to order and we're preare it for an in-store pickup. For Aluminium Cove Trim, Click Here.

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  • Premium Cover Strips
    <h2><sup><strong>Premium Cover Strip Range</strong></sup></h2> Browse our Premium Cover Strip selections in stock. Call us for order inquiries,&nbsp;in-store pickup preparations, or for&nbsp;any questions you have. Thanks for shopping&nbsp;<span style="color: #2445a2;"><a href=""><span style="color: #2445a2;">carpet edge cover strips</span></a></span>&nbsp;at Kevmor Trade Supplies.<br /><br />
  • Standard Cover Strips
    <h2><sup><strong>Standard Cover Strips</strong></sup></h2> View all cover strips, including the premium selections available at Kevmor, <a href="">here</a>.<hr />