RapidRH 5.0EX Complete Starter Kit
  • RapidRH 5.0EX Complete Starter Kit

RapidRH 5.0EX Complete Starter Kit

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RapidRH 5.0EX Complete Starter Kit

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RapidRH 5.0EX Complete Starter Kit

Introducing the concrete moisture testing kit that provides everything you need to benefit immediately from reusable sensors. 

Building on the robust technology and feature of the RapidRH 4.0EX System, Rapid RH 5.0EX makes reusable sensors a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and accurate option. 

Wagner Meters once again introduces revolutionary technology with its patented EasyCare CalCheck feature. For each Smart Sensor in the Rapid RH 5.0EX Starter Kit, you also get an EasyCare orotective storage unit that incorporates a saturated salt solution chamber calibrated at 75% relative humidity (RH). 

The EasyCare CalCheck storage unit: 

  • Protects and stores your Smart Sensors under optimal conditions, extending the life of each sensor
  • Reduces recalibration time from hours to seconds, saving you time, money, and effort
The RapidRH 5.0EX Complete Starter Kit incudes: 
  • 5 ea. Rapid RH 5.0EX Reusable Smart Sensors
  • 2 ea. Smart Logger Ambient Temperature and Humidity Recorders
  • 5 ea. EasyCare CalCheck at 75% relative Humidity
  • 1 ea. CalCheck Storage Tray
  • 1 ea. Easy Reader with Touch-n-Sense Technology
  • 1 ea. Bluetooth Smart Reader with Touch-n-Senes Technology
  • 25 ea. Finned Bases
  • 10 ea. Sleeve Extensions
  • 5 ea. Protective Caps
  • 5 ea. Full Sleeve Packs (sleeve, protective cap, 2 sleeve extensions)
  • 1 ea. 3/4" Masonry Drill Bit
  • 1 ea. Insertion Tool
  • 1 ea. Wire Cleaning Brush
  • 1 ea. Vacuum Attachment
  • 1 ea. Carrying Case
  • 1 ea. RapidRH 5.0EX Sensor Extraction Tool
  • 1 ea. RapidRH 5.0EX Sleeve Removal Tool
  • 1 ea. Certificaate of Calibration
  • 1 ea. Floor Map
  • 1 ea. Instruction Manual
The reusable Smart Sensors use Wagner Meters' patented Touch-n-Sense technology, requiring only that the Easy Reader and/or the Bluetooth Smart Reader touches the Smart Sensors to provide you with an accurate RH reading. 

Add the free CalMaster app for individual sensor readings or, even better, the convenient DataMaster app (available for seperature purchase on the iTunes store or Google Play) for complete data integrity, including job site mapping capability and seamless transfer of all your RH data to your mobile device.

If you've been waiting for a reusable RH sensor that doesn't require a large initial investment or significant ongoing per-test costs, then the RapidRH 5.0EX Complete Starter Kit is designed for you.