RapidRH Meter Calibration Verification Block
  • RapidRH Meter Calibration Verification Block
  • RapidRH Meter Calibration Verification Block

RapidRH Meter Calibration Verification Block

RapidRH Meter Calibration Verification Block

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RapidRh Meter Calibration Verification Block

The Calibration Verification Block is used to check the calibration of all current production, and most legacy handheld meters. 

Wagner Meters' hand-held units are calibrated at the factory. With proper care, the meters stay in calibration. In the event that the meter has been dropped or you suspect for any reason that the meter is out of calibration, a Calibration Verification Block (CVB) is available. It allows you to deterine whether or not the meter is still calibrated. 

The Certificate of Calibration says that the calibration block meets the standards or specifications set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This Certificate offers proof that the CVB is NIST certified and can therefore ne used to determine if a moisture meter is propery calibrated. 

Knowing you meter is properly calibrated- and having a Certificate to prove it- is unvaluable for companies, especially flooring manufacturers, flooring installers, or mills that could be subject to liability because warranty clamins stemming from inaccurate moisture meters. Havnig a Certificate verifies their eqipment is within calibration and be be traced back to NITS standards, thereby relieving companies of potential liability. 

For companies compliant with the Internation Organisation for Standardization (ISO), a Certificate is required to ensure their meters are certified, meaning within calibration. It offers proof that their meters are traceable to NIST standards and that the company is in compliance with ISO guidelines. 

Certificates of Calibration mut be renewed every two years. 

Any time the moisture meter is not reading correctly on the Calibration Verification Block, it should be sent to the factory for calibraion.