Bostik Xtreme Clearfix

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Bostik Xtreme Clearfix Adhesive and Sealant

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Bostik Xtreme Clearfix Adhesive and Sealant

290ml Bottle

Xtreme is a product range developed specifially for the trade and engineered with the best technology in the market to perform under extraordinary or extreme circumstances such as heavy loads, under water or in the wet, unique substrates, high expansion areas and areas exposed to extreme weather. 

Where To Use
- Residential
- Commercial
- Industrial
- Glass on glass sealing and bonding or the installation of wall fixings in bathrooms and kitchens

- Interior Only
- Coachwork
- Constrainer
- Shipbuilding
- Foor Storage and Processed

Glass and Joints

Key Features
- Universal crystal clear adhesive and sealant
- Water potable
- Free of isocyanates, solvents and silicones
- No shrinkage and bubble free
- Adheres without primer on most surfaces
- Adheres even in wet conditions
- Neutral curing, almost odourless
- Non corrosive towards metals
- High mechanical resistance strength and E-modulus
- Absorbes acoustic and mechanical vibrations

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