Ear Muffs Electronic

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Ear Muffs Electronic

These electronic earmuffs give superb hearing protection that allow you to carry on a conversation or hear warning calls, yet all noise above 85dB is automatically reduced.

These earmuffs are great for use with power tools, table saws, shooting, chainsaws, routers and pneumatic air tools. A must for people who are exposed to intermittent dangerous noise levels, eg in workshops and garages.

- LED power indicator
- On/off switch with volume control
- Solid-state circuit
- Built-in microphone amplifies low-level sounds
- Reduces noise over 85dB
- Soft and wide form filled ear cushions
- Comfortable with adjustable headband
- Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)
- 2 AA batteries provide approximately 200 hours of service